On to the next chapter: Moving

We’re moving! At the end of the month we close on both our current home and our new home. We also move in the same day, it will be one crazy, anxiety and happy filled day.

It will be bittersweet walking away from the little house we have called home for the over four years now. Little Miss passed so many mile stones in this home, from potty training, to starting Kindergarten and becoming a big sister.

This little home was the home we brought Baby Z to from the hospital. She took her first steps and spoke her first words within these walls.

Out little home has been good to us, but its time to move on to the next chapter and our (hopefully) forever home. Before I say my final goodbye I wanted to share what we will be leaving behind. I will share pictures from the new house after we move in and have settled down a bit.


The kitchen has been the hub of the house. We all dump everything on the counter when we walk in the front door. Almost all of our meals are shared on the extended island. The smells from cooking and baking always draw the family to the kitchen.  Kitchen counter were updated which you can see here. The kitchen floors were also updated here!


The living room the second most used room in the house. We love family movie nights with homemade popcorn. Fires in the woodstove in the heart of winter will surely be missed.


We currently have one teeny tiny bathroom which is a big factor in why we chose to move to a new house. Three girls in one bathroom is not an easy feat. This bathroom went through a complete renovation. You can see the stages of the renovation here, here and here!


The master bedroom is spacious and has a big walk-in-closet but it’s on the main floor away from the kids. In the new house all three bedrooms are on the top floor together. Our bedroom furniture is from ikea which I shared all about our bedroom makeover here.


Little Miss has a bright purple bedroom. I put up fun paper lantern lights that we found at Target.


Baby Z has the smallest room in the house, it doesn’t even have a closet. On the opposite wall is her crib. We don’t keep much in her room.


The dining room is a fantastic room with cathedral ceilings and beautiful wood beams which we only use for Christmas and Thanksgiving. For our family its wasted space.

The basement is unfinished and too short to finish off so it’s not worth showing.

I’m sad to leave out little house behind but I am more excited for our future in our new larger house which will be better for our family. And I know that the couple who bought our house will it with love and maybe some babies not too far off.


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