DIY Gold Berry Baskets

We go through a lot of strawberries in our house, both the girls could each a carton each in one sitting. We have a farm down the road that has fresh, organic and large berries and the best part is that the berries come in these paper green baskets that are adorable.

I ordered some gold spray paint on Amazon so that I could class the baskets up a bit and use them as cute storage options on my bureau.


I ordered Krylon 1000 Premium Metallic Spray Paint, in Gold.



After several coats (I used the entire can) and allowing the spray paint to set for 24 hours, the baskets were ready to use.


The gold paint turned out shiny and bright and the layering of the paint made the baskets more durable and sturdy.


The gold just screams elegance and class.


Currently all three baskets on displayed on my white bureau. One basket is filled with lip glosses and lip sticks.


The second basket is filled with all my fun and summery nail polish. Right on top you can see the SinfulColors Nail Polish in their limited porcelain matte color Cheshire Chine.


The last basket I flipped upside down and I have my vintage mirror standing on it. I use my vintage mirror to show off necklaces and my large hats.


I love the way these berry baskets came out. I just might start spray pairing more trinkets that can be re-used around the house instead of throwing it all out.




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