DIY Succulent Mason Jar Teacher Gift

Little Miss graduates from first grade this week and we are both going to miss her incredible teacher. Little Miss went into first grade struggling in some areas both academically and emotionally. With a lot of patience, love and exceptional teaching her teacher has pushed her to not only meet but exceed the goals we planned for her at the beginning of the year and she is fully prepared and ready to step into second grade at the end of the summer.

I wanted Little Miss and I to make something heartfelt for the end of the school year teacher gift to show our appreciation. Homemade gifts also mean more than store-bought one do.



  • Mason Jars – 16 oz
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Succulents
  • Soil
  • Twine or string
  • Gift tags
  • chalkboard marker



I sprayed each jar with two coats of the chalkboard spray, letting the spray paint complexity dry in-between coats. Little Miss filled each jar with soil, I helped place 3-4 small succulents in the soil and we finished it off with small rocks.



We tied a gift tag around the planter with extra twine to keep the top of the jar from being too bare. Little Miss also signed the jar with a heart and the year. That way if the succulents don’t end up making it, her teacher can always re-use the jar for future plants and always remember who gave it to her.

As an added gift, I taped a Starbucks gift card to the back of the tag.

We chose to use succulents plants because they are the easiest plats to take care of. They enjoy lots of sun and minimal water once a week. They like it dry.

We hope her teacher loves the plants as much as we enjoyed making it for her.




Action shot of me spraying the jars in our backyard. Little Miss took this picture.

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