Haul: H&M and TJ Maxx

I went on a bit of a shopping spree this weekend at H&M and TJ Maxx.

From H&M I picked up:


Sleeveless shirt dress in color white/patterned.


Two tank tops, one plain white and one black and leopard.


The leopard tank opens in the back to show the under black layer.


Blue and white stripped shirt with bow detail on the back.



Bracelets in silver, rose gold and pink for $5.99 each 4 pack


Neutral color round Earrings for $5.99


From TJ Maxx I found these beautiful blush velvet Steve Madden heels for $39.99 which will be perfect for the three weddings that I have this summer.

Minne Tonka leather moccasins in the color stone for $29.99. I have Minne Tonka house slippers which I wear everyday once I get home. They are very comfortable and sturdy. I love that I can mating wash them when they get a little too stinky or stretched out since they are real leather. I had to have the ones that are appropriate to wear to work.

RenPure coconut oil moisturizing micro mist for $6.99 as well as Argan Magic intense hair oil for $9.99. I’m always on the lookout for that magic hair product that will tame my mane and produce lovely bouncy curls.

This Monopoly board game was on sale for $6. Monopoly happens to be my favorite board game and I lost my game some time over the years during a move. I couldn’t pass up this sale.

H&M has been my go to for clothes shopping lately. Trendy and affordable, a few new pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe opens up the outfit possibilities.


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