Before & After: New Couch

With two kids and two dogs it’s a miracle that our couch lasted over 10 years. We spend a lot of time on our couch for family movie nights, reading homework and hanging out. We were well past due for an updated and clean couch.


The leather armrests of the couch see the most traffic from the dogs walking between the two windows to check on the neighborhood.


The sitting area get the most traffic from the kids spilling food, milk and glue from crafts. Cleaning the couch removes the stains but cannot help with the wear and tear. Simply put, the couch was ugly.

I FINALLY convinced the hubby to let us get a brand new couch.


We picked out the Marie 2 Piece Sectional from Jordans Furniture.

The couch is smaller than the old one which fits so much better into the space and makes the room feel larger. For this couch I chose to go with a color over a neutral tone.




The color is a gray blue called Key Largo Ash and the material is almost tweed like. For the throw pillows I chose to go with accents colors in a paisley blue and gray pattern called Suri Slate. Bothe the Key Largo Ash and Suri Slate were special order which increased the price and took eight weeks for delivery. Overall the couch was still reasonably priced, plus I love the fact that this combination is not found on the showcase floor; it makes the couch a little more unique.

I love this couch, it’s fun and brightens up the space and most importantly it’s clean.

Now to keep it clean and dogs off.


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