DIY Nail Polish Marbled Coffee Mug

For Mothers Day this year I brought my Mother, Nana and my girls out to a fancy Brunch at the Exeter Inn in Exeter, NH. In preparation, I had Little Miss work on a DIY project herself last weekend.


What You Need:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Nail Polish
  • Disposable Tray
  • Water
  • (I picked up all of these from the dollar store)



What to do:

Fill the tray half way with water. Drop nail polish directly onto the water. Little Miss took wooden skewers and swirled the nail polish around.




Dip the coffee mug into the nail polish, moving smoothly and quick.


Rotate the mug an dip till you have covered the mug to your liking. We left them on a tray for 48 hours to fully set.


Little Miss picked the colors of the mugs and nail polish. We wrapped them up and handed them out to her Nana, Grandmother and Great Nana.

Homemade gifts are always the best. Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day.



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