Closet Organization Update – Fold Versus Hang

I have a closet inspiration board on Pinterest (honestly who doesn’t?) and my dream closet would consist of an entire room that would be my closet/office/makeup room in one, a little sanctuary of my own. In our current house this dream closet is simply not an option.  A common theme in the pictures that I have pinned is jeans/sweaters are folded versus hung up. Here are two closets that I am loving as well as an easy cheat sheet:


[Who What Wear]


[Getting Organized Magazine]


[Mikaela Rae]

Previously, I had hung all my jeans and most of my sweaters. All would come off the hanger with those weird hanger bumps and wrinkles. I decided to make a small change courtesy of my closet inspiration board.


Before I hung all my jeans on the lower rack and stored all of my most worn shoes on the shelves.


These are just shoes from the closet, I have boxes of boots under the bed.


Jeans and sweaters have been folded and now stored on the shelves. My ballet flats that I wear most frequently were left on a shelf. Read my post on how to fix smelly ballets flats. Since I removed all the jeans from hangers, it opened up space for tops and dresses. Now there’s enough room to slide clothes back and forth so I can actually see what my options are.

Re-organizing my closet has forced me to go through my clothes and donate the ones that I never wear and find some that I forgot I had. It’s an ongoing battle between wanting to me a minimalist yet also wanting options.

Now if I could just kick the Hubby out of using the left side of the closet the possibilities would be endless.

How do you organize your closet?


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