How to fix smelly ballet flats

I love ballet flats and wear them almost every day. My favorite flats are the Mossimo Ona Scrunch from Target. I always go back to these flats because they are affordable, super cute and come in many colors. At only $16.99, I don’t walk away with buyers-remorse when I buy a few colors at a time.

The downside to wearing flats as frequently as I do, is the smell. They become smelly quickly, especially in the warmer months.

When I got home from work on Friday, I laid out my flats and placed a tea bag in each shoe (any loose leaf tea bags will do the trick). I left them the entire weekend. The tea bags absorb the stinky feet smell and leave a light tea aroma.

This easy trick will prolong the life of my flats and keep me from being the stinky kid in class (or meeting)



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