My 10 Favorite Beauty Products

There are limitless amounts of beauty products out there to try and I love trying new things. There’s a thrill that comes with finding a new brand or products that just works well with your unique needs. Companies like BirchBox and Ipsy open the doors to testing new products at an affordable price. Even though I love the thrill of a new products, there are those tried and true products that you always go back to simply because they always work and you trust them. Here are my to favorite beauty products that I consistently buy over and over.


Lancome Gelatèe Confort – is a milk based cleanser that cleans my sensitive skin without drying it out. This cleanser can be washed off or simply wiped off and then rubbed in. I use this cleaner every single night and my skin loves me for it.


Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer – This moisturizer is the most gently face moisturizer that I have found. It moisturizes my skin leaving it hydrated without irritating dyes or perfumes. My skin has never had a reaction to this moisturizer.


Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash – Much like the moisturizer the facial wash is gentle and effective with just enough soap to wash away makeup and dirt. I use this in the shower most mornings.


MAC Brush Cleanser – This a disinfectant brush cleaner for your makeup brushes. I use this brand since I have MAC brushes. I also like that it disinfects while it cleans. I know that my brushes are not irritating my skin when taken care of properly.


Up&Up Nail Polish Drying Spray – There is nothing more annoying than spending time painting your nails to only chip them 10 minutes later. I use this spray every time I paint my nails at home and it instantly dries my nails so I can continue on with my day with a perfect at home manicure.


Lush Ocean Salt – I use this in the shower 2-3 times per week. Some days I need a good scrub to remove built up dirt and dead skin cells. This scrub is made with all natural ingredients and leaves me feeling refreshed. I like that the scrubbing agents are pieces of salt so as you scrub the salt dissolves and does not harm the environment.


Tiger Balm – is a topical pain reliever and my god-send. Tiger balm is intended to sore muscle and arthritis relief, but I use it for my migraines. I was so tired of taking advil or tylenol and them not working. I rub Tiger Balm on my temples when I have a migraine or feel one coming on. The menthol tingles the skin and provides a strong smell that attacks the senses and the combination eliminates the migraine pain.


Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat – I love going to a salon to get my nails done and I usually opt for a gel manicure since it seems to last longer with my lifestyle. With two kids at home, I can’t always find the time to run to a salon. The next best thing is the Revlon Gel Top Coat. It works with any brand nail polish. The polish is thick and creates a nice gel manicure that lasts almost two weeks. I use the nail drying spray with this as well for a quick gel manicure at home.


Jolen Creme Bleach – Sometimes a girl just has some unwanted hair to take care of. This creme bleach bleaches the unwanted hair, but in a way that the color isn’t obvious. The color is more natural and blends in with your skin tone. I don’t need to use it often, but I know it will work when I do.


DevaCurl Super Cream – I have naturally curly frizzy hair with a mind if its own. I have tried more products than I could ever count trying to find a product to tame my hair, smell good, and not leave my hands slimy after touching it. A tall order to fill, but I finally found what I had been searching for. The coconut cream smells like a tropical vacation, a little helps my hair stay put when I wear an up-do. A little more product and I can wear my curls down, and trust that they will stay put and the frizz will be controlled. I also like that it doesn’t leave my hands feeling icky if I touch my hair.

I will never get bored testing and trying new beauty or makeup products, but there are those tried and tested products that I always replace because they work and I love them!


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