What’s in my diaper bag – Updated

Now that Baby Z is a toddler and able to walk, eat our food and starting to say a few words we find that we need to bring less in a diaper bag when we go out of the house. If we go out just for an hour or two we may not even bring a bag at all.

Since our diaper bag as well as the contents have evolved I thought I would share an updated post. Here you can see the original post and what we carried.


The bag that we have been carrying is a small backpack that we find easy to leave packed and grab on our way out the door. The backpack is a no name brand and we often toss the bag around in the car or in the stroller.


In the front pocket there granola bars for easy snacks. A banana brush for teething. Wet wipes, triple paste bum cream and a tiny spoon thats easier for her to hold than the silverware at restaurants.


Inside the packback is where we keep the essentials.


Diapers, wipes, changing pad, bib, bottle and toys. We change the toys out every few trips so Baby Z doesn’t get bored. This is all we take along with us now, and the bag mostly sits in the car just in case of emergencies.

What are the essentials that you take along in your diaper bag?


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