Before & After: Kitchen Floors

In our kitchen we had linoleum floors that had obviously been there for several years. There dingy when we bought the house almost four years ago; the plan had always been to replace them. This year the linoleum started peeling at the edges of the kitchen and we knew it was finally time to replace them.




We removed the kitchen and stove from the kitchen so the new floor could be installed.


After day one, a wire mesh was laid down over the existing floor and covered in a white mixture to seal it to the floor. This creates a layer between the lineloium and the new floor that the new floor will sit on top of instead of ripping out the old floor and starting from scratch. This is the faster and more cost effective option.


We had to block both entrances to the kitchen to block both the kids and dogs from walking on the floor.





Here is the new tile floor. We chose very neutral earthy colors to appeal to a wider audience for when we try to see the house when we outgrow it.  The floors brighten up the kitchen and give it a classier feel especially with the combination of the granite countertops we added.

Very happy with the new floors. One more large project on the house done and one step closer to house being ready to be put on the market.


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