It’s all about the small wins in life.

Winter is officially here in Massachusetts which means it’s dark and cold. When I wake up in the morning its dark. When I drive home from work its dark. I’m able to see the light from my office every day but with only limited outside exposure during the day its a tease at best.

The north is cold and raw. Winter jackets, hats and mittens are a must even before it snows. Driving anywhere requires you to heat the car for 20 minutes prior to leaving, precise planning needed to drive a warm car to your destination.

Dark and cold can only lead any sane person to the winter blues. I am in full-fledged winter blues.
Getting anything done is near impossible without daylight and two kids. Driving in the pitch black at 5:00 pm with blinding headlights glaring from the opposite direction is always a near death experience.
When I barely make it home alive, all I want to do is sleep off the depression or sit on the couch watching junk tv in a somber.

Needless to say my blog has been suffering lately.

The winter blues have zapped my inspiration and the minimal daylight limits the time for any decent photography sessions. These factors have been making me honestly question why I blog.

self-pity mode:
I’ve been blogging for roughly 5 years and I am nowhere near where I want to be
I have so much to learn and so far to go
What I am trying to accomplish millions of people just like me are as well
I fear I’m not that special to succeed at my dreams

If I stopped blogging today, would any one truly even notice?

Then out of the blue, when most needed, out of the glory of all that is good in this world
I receive an email
a blog inquiry
for my little unknown blog
from a company
a real company with a website and products and employees
asking me, to write a piece, for them
I don’t know if they are asking millions of little blogs just like mine to do the same. I also don’t care. They asked ME and my little blog.
In my book that is what I call a Win!
There’s at least one person out there reading what I am adding to the world and finds it worthy of reading and possibly other people as well.

Dreams will only become accomplished with years of pain – stakingly hard work. For me its the small wins in life that push me along and keep me motivated. This small win is also a harsh reality that I cannot let anything get in the way of my dreams even if it’s a nasty season called winter. Because once winter is behind us and spring has sprung my dreams will still be there and I cannot ignore them like I ignore the fact that shoveling the driveway for hours is right around the corner. In the end what goes un-accomplished will haunt us, and hold us down.
I have a dream and a vision and only I can turn that into reality.
For those of you that read my blog, even if it was just that one time by accident, I say Thank You, without my readers my blog would just be a very sad public diary.


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