Easy Ravioli Dinner with Cranberries and Rosemary

I love cooking all day for Thanksgiving and sitting around with family and friends talking and stuffing our faces till we can’t move. However, I usually need to take a vacation from cooking for many days. We eat the leftovers for a few days till they are gone or we simply cannot eat another bite of turkey. Then we go out to eat a few times, and then I slowly start my cooking adventures again.

Tonight’s easy dinner consisted of fresh honey roasted pumpkin raviolis from Trader Joe’s with a few homemade touches.





I had cranberries and fresh rosemary left over from Thanksgiving dinner. I bought the cranberries to make a center piece for the table and never got around to it.

I cooked the ravioli in boiling water for a few minutes, drained them in a colander. In the same pot, I melted butter and added a little brown sugar with the rosemary and sliced cranberries. I let them cook down for a few minutes. I added the ravioli back into the pot and tossed them around in the butter for another few minutes then served hot. I did not measure any of it.

My six year old refused to eat it, but my husband ended up enjoying it. He even asked me to pack the leftovers to be eaten at work for lunch.

The meal was on the sweet site (my sweet tooth controls everything), the rosemary and cranberry combination was the perfect pairing. This meal was so easy to make because of the packaged ravioli yet the added touches gave it an overall homemade and fancy feeling to it.

I will make this meal again!

I also have to add that I love Trader Joe’s. They have great quality food at prices that are so reasonable I don’t know how they make money. Plus the wine, they have bottles of wine for $5.99 that taste good. Good enough for me to buy several bottles of them. Okay, I make have purchased 6 bottles of wine the last time I stopped by Trader Joe’s. Don’t judge. I love walking through the isles and finding new foods to try.

At some point this week I know I will be ready again to make a complete meal from scratch.


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