The Cutest Tea and Honey Baby Shower Favor

A few weeks ago I attended a Sprinkle down in Connecticut for a friend who is having her second child; a baby girl! Favors tend to be cheesy and not very useful, but I thought this favor was so cute, and it’s something I will definitely use. I also love the fact that it incorporates no pink at all, yet is still girly.



“A baby is brewing. Mallory’s Baby Sprinkle. November 8, 2015”


Organic breakfast tea leaves with a little jar of honey.



This was the perfect little shower favor and I’m excited to eat my little pot of honey. If you are interested in ordering your own favors for a special occasion check out all the amazing and affordable options at Lulu Island Honey.

Baby V I cannot wait to meet and snuggle you.


2 responses to “The Cutest Tea and Honey Baby Shower Favor

    • A baby sprinkle is a newer idea. It’s a much smaller version of a baby shower, since you would have received most things needed at the first baby shower, but it’s nice way to celebrate a second child. People usually get smaller gifts especially if the second baby is the opposite gender from the first child.

      Thanks for the great question!


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