MommyTalk – Post Partum Hair Regrowth


A topic that I don’t think is talked about enough is hair loss after child delivery. Everyone looses hair each day, it’s a natural cycle of our hair. During both of my pregnancies, my daily hair loss decreased dramatically. During both pregnancies my hair was even thicker than usual.

A few months after I delivered Baby Z my hair started to fall out in large clumps in the shower. It lasted for weeks, I honestly worried that I was going bald. I probably lost around 50% of my hair during those few weeks. My hair went from full and thick to thin and brittle.

Eventually my hair ever so slowly started to re-grow. One year after giving birth my re-growth is at around 3-4 inches. I have a halo of new hair around my head. When my hair is curly, the new hair curls up around my face. When my hair is straight the new hair just sticks straight out.

In the above picture, my hair is in a bun and all you can see is the new growth everywhere sticking out and I look like a mad woman.

What do you do to grow hair faster?


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