Baby Z Turned One

This past weekend Baby Z turned one and I officially no longer have a baby. The past year has gone by far too fast. Even though it’s only been a year, I feel as though Baby Z has always been part of my life. My little family makes more sense as a foursome with her in the mix.

To celebrate her birthday we had a very small gathering at out house with homemade dinner and cupcakes and great company.

I made Baby Z her own smash cake. At first she had no idea what the cake was, I had to dip her hands in the frosting and put it in her mouth, once she tasted the frosting she went right at the cake as fast as she could.


I made the Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Ben Frosting that is always a crowd favorite.


I melted milk chocolate and wrote out “Happy Birthday Zoey” with it, let it set and then placed the letters on the cake.


I also found these adorable sugar flowers which I added for a pop of color.


For everyone else, I made cupcakes using the same batter and frosting. I decorated each cupcake slightly different to make them even more fun.



As always the cupcakes were a hit and Baby Z mostly ate the frosting off her smash cake.

To read more about Baby Z you can read my pregnancy announcement and Baby Z birth story.


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