Chobani’s #BreakYouMake Campaign

Chobani has launched a new digital marketing campaign #BreakYouMake encouraging everyone to actually take those much needed breaks throughout the day. While on your break the new Chobani Flip yogurts are the perfect snack. The Chobani flips are filling, elegant and delicious. My favorite flavor is the  Chocolate Haze Craze.


Beyond providing delicious greek yogurt, Chobani has some pretty note worthy commitments. They believe in local sourcing of their ingredients. They use an authentic straining process for the milk to aid in thicker yogurt with twice the amount of protein. They only use natural ingredients in their products and practice responsible manufacturing. On top of that, they donate 10% of their profits to charities worldwide.

There is one person in particular in my life whom I know deserves a much needed break. My mother in law; Anna. I know people are supposed to have those tough relationships with their in-laws where they never agree and are always rolling their eye at one another.

I’m one of the lucky few. Anna selflessly puts her children above anything else which now includes myself and my children. She is not only a phone call away day and night, but she is also present in our lives for all the big and small moments. Anna consistently goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that all her kids are happy, healthy and have what they need.

When I had my second daughter, Anna brought to the hospital a homemade, still warm, apple pie. When we were released from the hospital, she stopped by every night after work for the first two weeks with homemade dinner and then would do small chores around the house to help make the big transition in our lives that much easier and she asked for nothing in return.

Everything she does for all her kids is filled with love and encouragement. She pushes and challenges us all to be the best we can be. She is unconditionally supportive even when we make mistakes.

Anna is a mother, mother in law and nana who deserves a #BreakYouMake.

Who in your life deserves a break?


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