Salem Willows Park, Salem MA

As a child, my parents took me to the Salem Willows Park each summer. The Salem Willows opened in 1858 and be found at 167 Fort Ave Salem, MA. My mother grew up in Salem MA, so it was a childhood memory she wanted to share with my brother and I. Now that I have children of my own, I began going again to pass on the tradition to another generation.


This is E w Hobbs Inc, which originally opened in 1897. They are famous for their popcorn and salt water taffy. They also sell ice-cream and grill favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers.

This year I ordered Vanilla and Molasses popcorn and also got a bag of salted peanuts.


There is a small pier which we took a stroll down. Here you can see my mother and Little Miss walking down together.





There are always fishermen on the pier. One man was catching crabs for dinner.


Through out the day, the fog slowly rolled into port, creating beautiful scenery.


For lunch we sat under the willow trees for shade and ate chicken chop suey sandwiches from Salem Lowe. The sandwiches are only $2.10 and delicious. You can easily have lunch for a family of four under $20.


Little Miss and her cousin running around the willow trees having a blast.

We had a great day recreating memories that are now three generations old.  I love being able to give my daughters the moments that I remember fondly from my childhood.



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