Homemade Baby Food

I’ve seen all these pins on Pinterest about homemade baby food and how it’s cheaper and healthier and not that time consuming at all. So I gave it a try.


I didn’t own a food processor, so I picked up one at JC Penny for $50. I also had to pick up some ice cube trays; they were 99 cents for two. I picked up 6. I then picked up some food at BJs. I tried to get as much as I could pre-peeled and sliced to make the process easier.

2 lbs of carrots –  $3.49

9 Bananas – $1.39

9 Apples – $6.99

26 oz Green beans – $5.99

26 oz Peas – $5.99

32 oz Sweet potato – $4.99

32 oz Butternut squash – $4.99



I had two pots of water going at the same time. One to steam and one to boil. I never changed the water in them to save time.


After each food was fully cooked, I set it aside in a bowl to cool down for 10-15 minutes. I then processed it in the blender till it was throughly pureed. I often had to take a spoon and mix the food around to make sure everything was pureed. For some of the food, I had to add a little water while it was processing because the mixture was too thick.


After the food was pureed, I filled the ice cube trays and put in the freezer for several hours till they were frozen cubes.


I did not have enough ice cube trays to freeze all the food at once. I did a lot of swapping in order to freeze all the food.  Each cube is around 1 oz of food. That way it’s easy to measure out when feeding. Baby Z is 5 months old and will eat two cubes in a sitting.


After I took the frozen cubes of food out of the ice trays, I stuffed 6-8 cubes per breast milk storage bag. I had a lot left over and they  were the perfect size. I labeled each one with the food and date. I kept the foods separate that way I can make up any combination of food when it comes time to feeding.





I was able to make a lot of food. I split the food in half. Half is in my freezer and half I brought to Baby Z’s daycare. The food will last both places for at least a month.

At the store baby food is around .99 cents for 2-2.5 oz packets. If a baby eats 1 packet per day that is around $15 dollars per month for food. Buts thats on top of formula and rice. For $33 I made the twice the amount of food. So the money pretty much equals out.

What does not equal out is the amount of time. Making your own food is very time consuming. I spent almost the entire day on Sunday making the food and I wasn’t done because I ran out of ice cube trays. The next few days, I was removing the cubes and re-filling the trays to freeze more food.

Another draw back is the texture, no matter how long I processed the food I could not get it the same consistency as the store bought food. My food remained slightly gritty for all food. The green beans came out the most gritty. The bananas also turned out terrible, they turned brown even though I sprinkled fresh lemon juice on them. Baby Z refuses to eat the banana food that I made, the store bought banana is her favorite.

A big pro is that with the homemade food, I know exactly what is going into my babies body. However Baby Z prefers the store bought food, which is most likely a textural thing. If Baby Z won’t eat the homemade food, it doesn’t matter how healthy it is.

Through this whole process I fully understand why most moms just buy the store bought food. I will keep trying to get Baby Z to eat the food I made, but if she doesn’t get used to it, I may not go through this process again.


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