Fitbit – Week 1


I am not athletic nor do I work out in the traditional sense. My “workouts” are limited to chasing around a toddler and carrying an infant for long periods at a time. In the warmer months I will occasionally take the dogs for a walk.

I picked myself up the Fitbit Charge; you can see my profile here and be my exercise buddy. It’s a band that you wear all day and night that tracks your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed and sleep patterns. You can also use it as an alarm, an H20 tracker, a food tracker and much more. You can connect with your friends who also have a Fitbit and you can enter challenges to either cheer or taunt one another.

I thought that having a device that I wear daily that keeps tracks of my steps would be a reminder and therefore encourage me to get up and walk more or make healthier choices like taking the stairs over the elevator.

Sunday will complete my first week with the Fitbit. With the first week I did not change my normal activity and patterns; I wanted to see what my baseline was for my normal days. That way I know when and where I need to step up my game. My average daily steps are 5,000. The initial goal is 10,000 steps a day.

I’m halfway to the first goal!



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