DIY: Notebook

Little Miss loves notebooks of any shape, color or size. The more the merrier.  She carries them around the house, takes them on car rides and brings them into restaurants. She will color, practice her letters or even play tic-tac-toe with me.

I thought it would be a good idea to take some of the material that we had around the house and turn them into a homemade notebook.


We gathered an empty cereal box to use as the hard front and back covers. Various construction paper, an envelope from a valentines card. Tissue paper from one of my Baublebar orders. Brochures that she has collected from farms. (she likes the maps in them). Even tin foil for something different. I have also scissors, string, decorative tape, and a whole punch.


I cute up the cereal box, and kept the front and back which are the largest.


I then cut the cereal box down to the size that I wanted the notebook and also used it as the template to trace out the remaining paper.


Once I had all the paper cut to the size I wanted, I lined it all up and started adding wholes a few layers at a time that I would use to bind them all together.


Here are all the layers stacked up that have been whole punched.


I used the string to bind all the layers together.


I then used the decorative tape, to cover the string binding as an extra layer to hold it all together.


Here you can see all the layers that we added. The envelope was the last page which she can use for secrets maps and such.

Little Miss loves this notebook because it’s a notebook and because we made it together.  I will be saving up more paper and junk mail to turn into another fun notebook for her.


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