Baby Z’s First Day of Day Care

Tomorrow (Actually today since I wrote this last night) is my first day back at work since giving birth to Baby Z which means that I will be dropping her off at day care. Even though this is my second child and I have been though this stage before, I am incredibly sad. Sad to the point of being sick to my stomach.

I do miss being with adults and having adult conversations. I do miss being a productive human being. Feeding and changing diapers are essential aspects of raising a child but beyond that I felt as though I wasn’t accomplishing much.

It will even be a nice change-of-pace to actually shower in the morning, get dressed in non-yoga pants and even wear a little makeup.

However the thought of another person (We know, love and of course trust the director of said day care) snuggling my baby all day. Hearing her laughs, seeing her smiles being able to love her ALL DAY LONG makes me want to break down and just cry. She is my precious little baby and I am feeling very mama-bear right now.

It will be a very long and emotionally hard day. I am very much looking forward to pick up time.


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