Christmas List – 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and like always, I am not even close to being ready. Every year the Hubby and I make a list of what we would like. That way we are getting each other things we actually want. I use this opportunity to ask him for things that I wouldn’t buy myself; either for the price or the pure indulgence of the item.

Here is what I have asked for from Santa this year:


I love to cook but have a lot to learn. The Hubby and I find it hard to have date nights since we have two small children. I would love to take a cooking class at our local Sur La Table. Date Night: Flavors of France and the Classic Croissants from Scratch classes both sound lovely.


The Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots and the Half Cardigan Stitch Boot Socks both from Hunter. I also really like these.


Rosetta Stone – Learn French Package I love all things french and even though I took several classes in both high school and college, I still can’t speak it fluently.


Solitaire Diamond Earrings.  These particular diamond earrings are from Tiffany & Co. I would be happy with some less expensive brands.


Last on my list, but the one I want the most: a Canon camera. (I currently have a Nikon point and shoot, but I want to upgrade) I don’t know which one I want though. I have read descriptions and reviews galore but can’t figure out which one will meet my needs not only today but for a very long time.

So that’s my list this year. I certainly won’t get them all, I will have to wait and see which Santa brings me.


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