What I packed in my Hospital Bag

Before Baby Z’s arrival I did some research on what I should pack for my hospital stay. It had been five years since the last time that I had to pack a hospital bag, and I know that I packed too much stuff that never ended up being used. This time around I only wanted to pack what was necessary.  I found some great blog posts on what to pack which you can read here.  I used all of these posts to help come up with what I thought was the perfect list of things that I would need.

I took three bags with me. One with all of my stuff, one with the Boppy pillow, and my computer bag.
All of my toiletries fit in one bag.
I packed: toothbrushes for myself and the Hubby. Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, chap stick, contact case and contact solution, glasses and nursing bra pads. I did not pack any makeup at all. I love makeup , but I don’t really understand those girls who pack their makeup for the hospital. 
For Baby Z I packed a going home outfit, blanket, and pacifiers. I also picked up a matching shirt for Little Miss, but she ended up being at school when we left the hospital so that ruined my plan of having the girls wear the same shirt as we left.
For myself, I packed a new set of pajamas from Old Navy, a comfortable outfit to go home in. Nursing tank, large undies and comfy socks from Old Navy.
I also tossed in my bag a book and some headbands
Most of the stuff, again, I did not end up using. While at the hospital, I was either sleeping, dealing with nurses or being visited by family and friends. Once I could walk around, I put on my pajamas, which ended up being harder than I had expected plus The Hubby had to help me get into them. So I decided to just leave the hospital in them. 

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