DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Little Miss has been saving the empty toilet paper rolls to use for arts & crafts. This pas weekend we decided to put some to good use. She wanted to turn them into a bird feeder. We made things up as we were creating and putting things together.


We gathered some sticks that were roughly the same size.


I hot-glued two sticks together to make an X, so we could slip on the four toilet paper rolls.


Next, we needed to cover the rolls with peanut butter then the bird seed.


Here is Little Miss spreading the peanut butter.


I poured the bird seed in a baking dish, to make it easy for her to cover the roll in the bird seed.


We covered four rolls.


On each line of the X, I put a thick line of hot glue and slide the roll onto the stick into the glue to hold it in place.


Here is the complete X.


Then we tied string to the center of the X so we could hang it. Once we picked it up, the weight distribution was very en-even, so I had to add some sticks to even out the weight, so the birds could actually stand on it.


Once it was complete, we hung it on our front porch.

Little Miss enjoyed making this, and loves being able to peek out the window to see which birds are visiting and eating off of her bird feeder. She wants to make more, so we may try a bird feeder made out of an empty milk carton next.


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