Baby Z’s Birth Story

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Baby Z was born on October 3rd at 2:01 in the afternoon. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and was 19.5 inches long. She is healthy and perfect and I am madly in love with her!!

Baby Z arrived via C-section due to her being breech. C-section was not my ideal birth plan, but it was the option that offered her the most safety.  I believe in waiting till the baby feels like arriving. I do not believe in inducing labor. I had to push my beliefs aside and move forward with a planned C-section on week prior to my due date.

The Hubby and I arrived at the hospital at 10:30 in the morning for my Noon surgery. We were placed in our first room where I changed into a starchy blue hospital gown, and was set up to IV’s while the nurses checked my vitals, asked many routine questions, and answered all of our last-minute questions. We sat and waited for hours while several nurses, doctors, and an anesthesiologist came in and prepped us on how the surgery was going to take place.

The hospital was running behind due to five C-sections that had been planned for that day. Around 1:30 PM a nurse came in and told the Hubby that it was time for him to change into his blue scrubs because they were ready for me in the operating room (O.R.). While pulling my IV and holding my catheter bag, I had to walk down the hallway to the O.R. The Hubby had to sit outside while they injected the numbing medicine, so I had to walk in without him.

Walking in the O.R. was one of the scariest moments of my life. The room is cold and bright. It’s filled with machines and wires and tubes of all sorts. It had an entire wall with glass doors filled with medical supplies. There was a black bed which was surround by trays of pans and scalpels and scissors and more medical supplies that I knew what to make of. I immediately started to cry and shake out of pure nervousness. They sat me on the black bed and asked me to bend over my belly as far as I could. The anesthesiologist cleaned off my back and stuck me with the first smaller needle to numb the area. Then he went in with the large needle to inject the medicine that would numb most of my body. As soon as he pulled out the needle the nurses had to help me pull my legs onto the bed because they were already starting to lose feeling.

Once I was laying down, they strapped down my arms. Put up a sheet so I could not see the surgery and prepped the area. They started the procedure before the Hubby was even in the room. When they finally let him in, they sat him on my left and he was allowed to hold my hand. As soon as I saw him, I cried even harder.

From the start of the procedure till I heard baby Z’s first cry was only around ten to fifteen minutes. I felt some tugging and  pressure. The Hubby was allowed to stand up and watch the moment that they pulled her from my abdomen.They took baby Z to the back corner of the room for her vitals to be checked by the newborn doctors that specialize in problematic births because of the fact that she had been breech.

While she was getting a thorough check-up, the second part of the procedure had started. They had to put me back together. After giving birth, there is a lot of icky stuff that needs to come out as well. All that had to be pushed and sucked out. The doctors were pulling and pushing, and I felt a lot of pressure. I was not in any pain, but I could feel that they were touching me. There were several layers of muscle and skin that had to be sewn back together, which took around thirty minutes for them to complete. Once they were done, I was moved to a stretcher so that I and baby Z could be moved back to our initial room.

We all stayed in that room for a few hours, so they could monitor my vitals signs and make sure that I was stable after surgery. They also started another IV drip of pain medicine. Once my body had reached the levels prior to the surgery, we were moved to the baby wing to finish out our stay at the hospital. After several days of poking and prodding, a visit from the lactation nurse, numerous happy visitors, we were released.

Baby Z is home and we are settling in as a family of four.  Our days and nights are filled with nursing, diaper changes and so much snuggling.  I still have lots of healing to do both from the pregnancy and the surgery. Each day I feel a little less pain, and can move around the house a little bit more.


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