Re-sizing my bracelet

There are those projects or ideas that you have and think about now and again for months or even years and never seem to get around to. The very first Christmas that The Hubby and I spent together eight years ago, he bought me a bracelet with my birth stone and little diamonds. It has never fit properly. Yes, I have had the bracelet for eight years and hardly ever wear it because it’s simply too big. I finally decided that it was time get it re-sized so I could actually wear it. It’s the first piece of jewelry he bought me so it has special meaning.

The bracelet is so big that I can put it on and take it off without unclasping it. It’s hard to wear it because it always falls down onto my hand and I have to constantly push it back.
My birthstone is the Peridot, and there are tiny diamonds on either side of the Peridot stones. (The diamonds are teeny tiny, but we were barely out of college so the fact that I even got diamonds was pretty amazing)
I brought the bracelet into Kay’s Jewelers, the store where it was originally purchased. It was $40 to re-size and took a week to get it back. It now fits properly, and sits properly with my two cape cod bracelets. I prefer jewelry that I can put on and not think about. For the most part, I wear the same jewelry every day. I like easy.  

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