Project Repat




When I found out that I was pregnant for the second time, we were so sure that it was a boy. I was hesitant to donate all of Little Miss’ clothes that I had been saving for 5 years, just in case. A co-worker shared this site that you can mail in your t-shirts and they cut them up and make a blanket out of them. The process is customizable and you can be as hands on as you want to be or leave it all up to the experts.

Now that we are very sure that baby number 2 is a girl, all of the clothes will be used again. I know that baby Z will get some of her own stuff but for the most part her wardrobe will be Little Miss’ hand-me-downs. As baby Z starts to outgrow the clothes I will put onesies and shirts away for each of them so at some point I will be able to get a customized blanket made of their baby clothes as a way to keep them forever.

It’s a genius way to keep important clothing pieces part of your life even when they no longer fit. If you have important shirts that you have been holding onto for years, you need to check out this sire.





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