What to pack when having a baby

We are only 9 weeks away from baby Z’s due date and I am feeling overwhelmingly unprepared for her arrival.  Even though this is my second child, 5 years feels like a lifetime ago. I cannot remember anything that I packed in my hospital bag when Little Miss was born. I can be sure though that I packed way more than I truly needed. This time around I want to be fully ready and realistic on what I need and do need at the hospital.

I found these 3 great posts on Pinterest and will be taking advice from each to prepare my hospital bag.

This post here offers  honest humility around what you do and do not need.
This post here offers options for both baby and mommy while at the hospital.
Here is a cute little check list that even includes things that daddy will need. Everyone forgets about daddy at the hospital.

First order of business will be picking up travel size toiletries and finding a cute yet comfortable outfit to come home in for both baby Z and I.

I’ll share my hospital bag once I have it ready!


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