Monsters Inc – Birthday Goodie Bags

Little Miss turns the big 5 this sunday (I honestly don’t know where the time has gone) and we are having her party on saturday. This year we chose to do a smaller party geared towards her and her school friends having fun rather than a large backyard bar-b-q. We rented this place that has blow up bouncy houses which the kids will get all to themselves followed by Pizza, hot dogs and cake.  She will have a blast. She initially wanted a dragon themed party, but I could not find dragon party supplies. We went for Monsters Inc instead.

Here is all the stuff I grabbed to make her goodie bags to hand out. I ended up picking up too much for the bags, so we found these sand pails in the perfect color scheme.
I had Little Miss help put everything in each bucket to keep her included. We also had the talk about how these are gifts for her friends as a “thank you for coming to my party” talk. 

I’m excited to watch Little Miss enjoy her day with all of her friends. I’m not sure if I’m fully ready yet to watch her turn 5 and head off to school in September.


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