Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil: Before & After

I have been avoiding plucking my eyebrows for months now in hopes of them growing thicker and fuller with no such luck. It’s like they stopped growing in as soon as they knew I was done plucking. I’m not happy with my eyebrows because I find them too sparse and the shape is not exactly the same on both sides.

I picked up the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in the Shade of Blonde. I had the color picked out by a beauty consultant at Sephora. I would never have picked up the color blonde since my natural hair color is very dark brown, but the color actually works with my brows. She also showed me how to properly pencil them in to make them look the most natural.



Here is a before and after shot. The picture on the left I have not used the pencil and you can tell that my eyebrows are very thin. The picture on the right, all that I have added is the eyebrow pencil. The transformation is a subtle one, but my eyebrows look as though they fit my face better but you cannot tell that I have colored them in. It looks completely natural. Now I have filled them in lightly, and will test out filling them in more to see how it changes my face.


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