Gender Neutral Flower Arrangements

Last year, I posted about these mason jars that I painted which you can see here! I had used them here and there, but never found the perfect situation to showcase them.  When our family said that they wanted to throw us a gender reveal  party for the whole family to be able to be part of such an important part of our lives. I knew it was the perfect party to bring these jars out. All the jars are varying shades of blue, so I wanted to do all pink flowers, so the arrangements could represent both genders.

I picked up some pink and white tulips, as well as pink spray roses. I also grabbed some multi-colored twine.
I tied a simple bow of twine around the top of each of the six jars, to give them an added touch.
I then dived the flowers as best that I could, so each jar were relatively the same.
I thought they turned out perfect. We spread them around the house for the party. An added bonus, I was able to send them home with guests, so my cute little jars will no longer be sitting in my spare room collecting dust.

A simple D.I.Y. project that looked perfect for the occasion!


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