Stage 2 of Our Bathroom Remodel

Once everything has been removed and the walls were stripped down the studs, no major damage was found. We were so very lucky. The rebuilding was able to begin. Our good friend Jon did most of the sheetrock and tile labor, which saved us tons of money. I didn’t take any pictures of just the sheetrock going up; that wasn’t much fun.

Here is Jon starting to place the subway tiles on the back wall which will be the new shower.
Here is about half the wall that is setting.
The entire back wall has been titled. You can even see one of the marble corner shelves that we added. A designer at the title store suggested we add the marble shelves, and they were so right! Now each side of the shower needs to be titled.
Here you can see both shelves.
Once all of the tile has dried, you go back and fill in the cracks with the grout. The white grout really lightened it up, and makes the shower feel larger. All that is left for the shower is the hardware.
Jon also titled the floor. The honeycomb floor came in sheets which was much easier to lay out. We also went with a white grout for the floor. I originally wanted a gray grout, but I’m glad we went with white. It would have been too much gray for the small room.
Another last minute decision that the Hubby made, was to upgrade the threshold from the wooden one that we took off to this gray and white marble one that matches the marble corner shelves in the shower.
The next major installment will be the sink and vanity. We are getting close to having a real bathroom again!


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