Stage 1 of Our Bathroom Remodel

The first step of our bathroom remodel, was to remove everything old and ugly from the bathroom so we could evaluate any  possible issues hidden behind the walls and under the floor.

We literally ripped out everything exposing the beams.

This is where the bathtub once was.
This was the shower handle. We had the plumber come in and update the copper piping running the water to the shower head and tub faucet.
We left the toilet to the last possible second, so we could at least have that and be able to stay at the house.
We had to remove the baseboard heater, it got damaged in the demolition.  This will be replaced, we will also be extending it so we can get more heat to the bathroom.
This was where our vanity stood. We had a plumber come in and update the PVC and Copper piping running to the sink.
This is the bathroom light above the medicine cabinet.
There was a covered light box in our hall way, which we found out that led to nothing once we opened the walls. So we were left with a hole. Little Miss loved that she could peak in even when the door was closed. This will be closed.
Once everything was ripped out, we found that there was no major damage hidden behind the walls; we were very lucky! We had to put in the new tub, so the sheetrock and the new plywood on the floor could fit snuggle against the tub. 

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