Coloring Easter Eggs

This year, I did not want to buy one of those Easter Egg Coloring Kits. I wanted to find ways to color our eggs with stuff we had at home already. I found this really neat idea here.

Our fresh, white eggs which I had boiled to standard directions. Once they were done, I dried them off.
I put a few at a time in a bucket for Little Miss to work with. We set our her Crayola crayons. 
The heat from the eggs melted the crayons on contact making it easy to draw on the egg. It did not melt the crayon to the point where it was dripping, but just enough to make it very smooth while coloring.
I even colored a few eggs as well.
Here are our first 3 eggs colored using the melted crayon way. We colored 6 eggs with the crayons and saved 6 to try another method.
On a baking sheet, I set up bowls with water and plenty of drops of food coloring to dye the easter eggs. I had Little Miss spin the eggs around in the bowls so they would be evenly colored.
Here are our complete 12 eggs. 

Little Miss preferred using the crayons, if was more interactive for her, plus it created much cooler designs.

So glad that I found this idea. It was easier than those kits you buy. No wasted material. Plus Little Miss loved it!


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