Gifts from London

Last week the Hubby was in London for work, and I was very excited for gifts from across the pond. Usually when the Hubby has to travel, he brings me back a new coffee mug with the city he is visiting. But this is London, I did not want another coffee mug. I had mentioned that tea and biscuits would be lovely. I had also mentioned this little store they have called Harrods.

Here is what the Hubby brought back for me.

photo 1
He not only brought me back tea and biscuits, but he brought back an entire tea set with a tea-pot.
photo 2
The tea sets in the middle, are in tin cases. The Hubby and even said, that I can save them once I have used all the tea.
photo 4
Are these not the cutest little tea cups. 
The Hubby did such a great job. I was so impressed that he listened and hen went above and beyond. I love that man!!!

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