How To Clean: Gas Stove Grates

Day 4 of my week of cleaning is How to clean your gas stove grates. I got the cleaning idea from here.

I wasn’t sure how well it would work, so I opted to start with one grate.

As you can see the grate is dull, and thickly covered in built-up gunk.
I’m not even sure what this is.
I grabbed this bottle of clear ammonia from Stop and Shop, it was less than $2. A freezer size ziploc bag and a baking dish. 
Place the grate in the ziploc bag, be careful not to poke any holes in the bag. Then add 2-4 tablespoons of ammonia. Be careful, I forgot how strong the smell of ammonia was. I ended up having to put my bag and grate on a baking pan because my bakeware was not wide enough for the grate to lay completely flat. It says to leave the bag alone for 12 hours. I ended up being busy and letting rest for over 24 hours. 
As you can see, the ammonia turned brown from all the built up gunk. The gunk started to come off in chunks in the bag. I took the grate out and washed in warm water. I didn’t even have to scrub, and the remaining gunk was flaking off in the water.
Now my grate is bright and shiny.
Left is shiny, right is dull. 
Here is a better view, of the dirty compared to the clean. The clean one looks brand new compared to the dirty one.

This was a complete success. Now I need to do this with the three remaining grates that I have from my stove.

I highly recommend this process to anyone who has gas stove grates.

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