How To Clean: Hard Water Stains

Day two of my cleaning week. Today I wanted to look at hard water stains on my shower handle. All over Pinterest there are pictures of people cleaning their shower handle with half a lemon.

Here is my handle. I swear I’ve cleaned it in the past few days.
I am using a fresh lemon cut in half.
I really scrubbed with the lemon, you can see little bits of lemon all over.
And after…cleaner.
It looks cleaner…but there are stains that would not come off.  We recently started a bathroom remodel. So I know that in the next couple of the months the shower will be replaced so I’m not too worried about the stains. 
So far in the bathroom remodel we have, moved the toilet over a few inches to allow for a larger vanity. We have also installed a new venting system. I have already picked out the title and vanity. The next big project is moving the plumping from the shower/tub to the opposite wall so we can install a pocket door in the wall where the plumbing currently sits. 
Once the plumbing is moved, we can rip out all the old and start installing everything new that I have picked out. 

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