Paint Nite

Last night after work, the girls and I went to Stone’s Public House in Ashland, MA for a fantastic dinner. I got the seared sea scallops with a side of mushroom risotto. It was one of the best bowls of risotto that I have ever tried. The irish soda bread they served before dinner was also really good, I even asked the waitress for extra to take home.

After dinner, we headed upstairs for Paint Nite. You get to enjoy learning how to paint a pretty picture by a trained artist, while drinking and having fun with your friends.

My work station.
The instructor goes step by step, or color by color, teaching you the technique along the way. Between each step she left plenty of time for drinking and talking.
Here is my final product. It’s mountains behind a lake, with flowers in front of the lake. 
Proof of all the color mixing I did.
Here is the artist picture, that we were following.

I had a great time with great friends! I’m not these best painter, but Little Miss loved it  so much she put it in her room. 
Has anyone else gone to Paint Nite?

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