Semi-Homemade Miso Soup

I love fresh sushi with a bowl of miso soup. I have not attempted sushi at home, I might leave that one to the experts, but I thought miso soup might be an easy start. I went to two stores looking for miso paste but was unsuccessful.



So as a second best approach, I picked up some miso soup packets, tofu, and seaweed.



I cut a piece off the square.



I then cubed it into bite size pieces.



I took one piece of the seaweed.



The seaweed it too think to cut with a knife, so I ripped it as if it were paper.



In a saucepan, I added the fresh tofu, seaweed, and the packet of seasoning from the miso packet.



Next is the miso paste. I added enough water to cover everything. I let it cook until it boiled.



The taste was very close to that of a restaurant. However I did not like my choice of seaweed, I also added too much seaweed. Next time I will try another type of seaweed.

Yet overall not a bad miso soup.

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