Products Worth The Money

Worth The Money
Everyone has their own products in which they feel splurging for the name brand or the more expensive product are worth the quality, and those products that are not. Here are mine.
The following opinions are my own, and I have come to these conclusions by spending lots of wasted money on other brands, other products which have all fallen very short from the expectations that I have.
  • Victoria’s Secret Bra’s. Specifically the push up. They fit the best. The look the most realistic. If washed properly they hold up their shape. I prefer the Pink ones because they are a little cheaper, but are still of the same high quality and come in really fun colors and patterns.
  • Aldo boots. All Aldo shoes are made of high quality leather. They are more expensive that the average boot than at DSW. Yet they last for years. I have a pair of boots which I have been wearing heavily every winter for five years. I would much rather spend 150$ to 200$ on a pair of booths that will last for years. Thank 75$ on a pair that will only last a season.
  • Long and Lean jeans from Gap. For whatever reason Gap jeans fit my body type the best. I run into the issue where I get the gapping of the jeans above the bum in almost every other brand that I have tried. With Gap jeans, they just fit me perfectly. What I also love about Gap is the consistency. I know I can pick out Long and Lean in my size and they fit perfectly every time.
  • Yves Saint Laurent mascara. I couldn’t even tell you how many brands of mascara that I have tried.  Yves Saint Laurent volume effet faux cils in black is my all time favorite. They has mastered the balance between thickening the lash while also appearing more natural and clump free. The formula is rich and smooth, plus it smells wonderful when you open the tube.
  • I have an expensive obsession with Michael Kors. I love his classic, minimal yet sophisticated style. He is a high end designer, but his line of clothes and purses are still attainable. I think that every woman deserves an expensive purse. A really good leather purse, if taken care of properly will last a life time. Splurge on a classic shape and color in which you can enjoy for years.
  • Technology. If I’m going to spend money on a computer, or cell phone, or camera, I want it to work exactly the way it’s advertised to work. I want it to work for years. I want it to be fast. I have found that Apple products just work, and work well. I own a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone. They all work. I love that they all sync up and I can access any of my stuff on any of them at any time. They make my life easier.
Now onto times that I do not feel are worth the money.
  • Latest fashion trends – I do not want to spend lots of money on a new fashion trend that I an just trying out. I love Forever 21 for this reason. I can get the latest fashion trend at a very reasonable price. If I find that the trend works for me, I will then go and buy higher quality pieces.
  • Makeup Remover / Nail Polish remover – There is no need to spend extra money on products that do not work any better or faster than a generic brand. I buy either Target or Wal-Mart brand.
  • Panties – being female and going through female cycles you cycle through underwear at a fast rate. More expensive panties do not do anything more for you. I think Target has great options for underwear.
  • Tights – you can wear a pair of tights once and they rip and then you throw them out. More expensive tights do not rip less than a less expensive pair. Again I prefer Target brand tights. They are 5$. I wear them a few times, toss them and buy a new pair.
  • Ballet Flats – As beautiful as those really expensive flats are, I will not spend the money. You cannot wear socks with flats, even wearing those invisible socks is terrible. Flats get smelly and gross after a season. I look for flats at Targert, Payless, DSW, GAP, Old Navy and always try to get them on sale. I wear ballet flats often, which means I go through them very quickly. I will not spend 125$ on a pit of shoes that will last one season.
  • Hair Straightener – I purchased a hair straightener almost three years ago from Marshalls. I spent 30$ on it. I use it almost daily. It still works just as good today as it did the first day I bought it, I have thick, coarse very curly hair, and after I straighten it, you would never know how curly my hair really is or how I only used a no name brand straighter.
Some products are absolutely worth the splurge because in return you get quality that lasts. Other products, it does’t matter what the price is, the quality is the same. Opinions on the products that are worth the money and which aren;t are as unique as the products them selves.
What products do you splurge on?

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