Before & After: The Importance of Eyebrows

I have always taken care to make sure my eyebrows are clean and neat. I’m not the type that gets them done at the salon, but I do take care of them myself. Looking at pictures of myself, at times my eyebrows can look a little thinner than I would really like them to be, I have been trying to pluck them less to allow them to grow in a little. I have also come to the realization of the dramatic effect of the before and after of penciling in your eyebrows.



The only difference between the two pictures, is that in the left picture my eyebrows are natural and on the right I have penciled them in. On the right, they look fuller and more even. They also make more of a statement and do not blend in.

Right now I am using the Victoria Jackson Taupe Brown Eye Pencil and a disposable mascara wand that I grabbed from Sephora. I lightly pencil some color on and comb it through to blend it out make it look more natural. You want to pick a color that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your current hair color.


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