Barn Window Restoration

Growing up there was this barn on my aunt and uncles property that was mostly used as extra storage for hay bails from my uncles parents farm across the street. My cousins, brother and I would spend hours building forts out of the hay bails. Playing hide and seek, and four wheeling around the barn every summer. This barn was just a staple in our every day adventures, reminiscing about my childhood, the barn always comes to mind.

When I was in college, the barn had to be torn down because it was no longer safe and it wash’t worth fixing because it was no longer needed. It was as if a piece of my childhood was being torn down.

This past summer, my aunt surprised me with a wonderful gift. She had saved a bunch of the windows from the barn, put them in storage and sort of forget about them. She pulled them out for me and I was able to pick my favorite of the bunch.


I chose one that still had all the window paints in tact.


I scrapped as much of the old caulking off so I could remove the window panes.


I purchased some TSP cleaner. My next step is to clean the window. I don’t want to scrap all the paint off, I want to try to leave the window close to it’s original beauty. Once I get it clean, I will put back in the original window panes and re-chaulk. Once it’s done, I will add hooks so I can hang it like a picture.

I will post updated shots as I progress through the process.


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