Christmas Tree Shopping

This past weekend we set out as a family to the Houde’s Christmas Tree Farm in Marlborough, MA to find the perfect Christmas Tree.

Little Miss jumped into the tree sled while the Hubby pulled her around. There are 37 Miles to roam and 8 types of trees to choose from if you want to cut your own. They also sell pre-cut trees brought in from Nova Scotia.
I love this short and fat tree.
Rows of baby trees growing.
You can see Wachusett Mountain from the top of the hill.
Winding path around the farm.
And here is the tree that we have picked that is perfect to us!
Here the Hubby in under the tree attempting to cut it down.
Some berries in the snow.
Here are the guys pulling the tree trough the netting to make it easy to bring it home.
We set up the tree and let it warm up and allow the branches to settle in.
Lights are on and Little Miss is adding the ornaments.
Little Miss would not stop fidgeting with the ornaments. She was thrilled to have the tree up and lit.

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