Toddler Christmas Wish List

Little Miss is four, she’s at the age where if you ask her what she wants from Santa, she can tell you but she can’t yet write her own list. I sat down with her with pen and paper to record her Christmas wishes this year. Here is what she has asked for:

Doll that can sing – Not too bad. Not sure why the 15 other dolls that she owns doesn’t suffice. But who am I to judge?

Glow Sticks – Must have missed that invite for the toddler rave she’s attending.

Baby supplies, such as bottle diaper, clothes, bathtub and most specifically hangers. – Not sure how clothes hangers are an important product to raising a fake child.

Doctor’s Kit – Could be good practice for her future career. I approve!

Doggy robot; blue; he needs to do tricks.  – Somehow the two real dogs that we own aren’t enough and she needs a blue robotic one.

Happy Flamingo – I have no idea what this is.

Monsters University Movie – This one I’m actually excited for. You have to admit it was a good movie.

Care Bear Movie – We don’t watch the Care Bear Show and we do not own any Care Bear toys yet somehow she knows who they are and that they have a movie out which she needs.

Light up Sneakers – kids are so fascinated by shoes that light up and if all her friends are rocking them I shouldn’t deprive her the opportunity to fit in with her peers. I can save that for her high school years when she asks for a car.

Suppose I should start shopping to fulfill all her wild dreams of glow sticks and happy flamingo’s. Toddlers have wild imaginations!

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