Shopping in the “Sale” section

Little Miss outgrows her clothes and needs an entire new wardrobe just about every season. I HATE paying full price for clothes every season, that will either be ruined from playing at the park or simply not fit her because she went to bed a size 3T and woke up a size 4T. What I have been doing, is each time I go to Old Navy or Target to simply browse or to get something the house hold actually needs, I scan the Sale section. Sometimes I find nothing, other times, if I happen to hit it at a good time, I find tons. The trick is though that I buy the next season in the size up.

Right now it’s Fall going on Winter and Little Miss is on the border of a 3T/4T, I am currently buying summer clothes in a size 5T. I simply put them in a large bag in the back of her closet, and will pull them out when the weather starts to get warmer.

I would say that I spend a decent amount of time rummaging through the Sales to find great pieces in the size that I need, and I wanted to do all the math-out and see if all my effort was actually worth it.

Here are my finds so far this winter season:


Old Navy – so far I have picked up 1 pair of capris, 1 pair of shorts, 1 long sleeve shirt, and 4 tank tops.

In total if I had paid full price I would have spent $85.41 on these 8 items, but by shopping in the sale section I only spent $30.38.

The best deal from Old Navy was the $1.99 tank that was originally $7.94.


Target – I love Target and find more deals there. I have picked up 4 jumpers, 1 bathing suit, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 t-shirts, 2 tank tops, 2 skirts, and 12 pairs of shorts.

In total if I had paid full price, I would have spent $200, yet with the sales I only spent $79.60. The best deal I snagged at Target was shorts for $1.50.

I may need to pick up a few more shirts and tank tops, but I mostly have her entire summer wardrobe purchased all for $109.98. I saved $175.43. That may not seem like a lot of money to some, but I if can save close to $200 each season every year, that starts to add up quick.

Hope you find this helpful!


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