Creamy Tomato & Spinach Pasta

I found the Creamy Tomato & Spinach Pasta dish here!  I am always on the hunt for easy dinner dishes that please the whole family. Little Miss is very picky, and her likes and dislikes changes daily. The Hubby is getting better at trying new things, but I find that sneaking new things into his dishes and telling him after he eats it what was really in it.

The start of the ingredients.
Tomatoes all mixed in.
Add in the cream cheese.
Here I am whisking in the cream cheese.
Once the cream cheese has melted, the sauce goes from red to a creamy orange.
I added in spinach and some kale.
The spinach and kale will wilt right into the sauce.
Add in the cooked pasta and mix.
This dish was delicious. It was creamy and spicy. The pasta was filling, but because of the spinach and kale you don’t feel as guilty.
Copy of Naan!Copy of Naan! (2)
Hope you enjoy!


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