Lush Goodies



I picked up the Ocean Salt and Twilight Bath Bomb.

I love the Ocean Salt and I buy this frequently. It smells of fresh salt air with a hint of lime and grapefruit. The course seal salt is fairly rough exfoliator yet it dissolves the more you rub it into your skin. It leaves your face smooth and refreshed.

I had never tried a bath bomb from Lush so I decided to try Twilight which is one of the favorites. The lavender was pretty perfumy. I didn’t realize it had sparkles till I was in the tub with it, I’m not a huge fan of the sparkles but it did leave my skin super soft, and I still smelled good when I woke up the next day. To be perfectly honest with you, I did not use the whole bomb in one bath. I cut it into smaller pieces, and I know what you are thinking, the people at Lush might curse me. I have sensitive skin, and I knew that If i had used the whole thing in one tub I would break out. I will be be able to get at least 4 tubs out of it!

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