Plymouth State University Alumni Weekend

Every year the Hubby and I attend the Alumni weekend where went to school and met. The only Alumni activity that we participate in is the mens alumni soccer game. The Hubby was captain his senior year so returning to see his old team mates is something that he loves to do and I  support.  The day is also filled with watching the current mens team play, catching up with friends, watching all the kiddos play together and a stop at Biederman’s deli for a sub and beer. I was so busy chasing around Little Miss and all her friends I was only able to grab a few shots of the beautiful campus. Fall is the perfect time to visit Plymouth, NH because of all the vibrant colors from the changing leaves.

Some if the kids and I were searching the tennis courts for any lost tennis balls.
Rounds Hall or the Clock Tower. This is where I took most of my classes.
This is the side of Mary Lyon Hall looking down a the Clock Tower. I lived in ML my sophomore year of school. ML is right in the middle of campus.
This is from campus looking down at Main Street where Biedermans Deli can be found.
If you stand at the library and look across campus, this would be the quad. Mary Lyon hall is to the left and the Clock Tower is to the right.
The train tracks run directly behind Main Street. Trains don’t run through town very often, it’s mostly scenic train tours that pass by.

Plymouth State University is in the White Mountains, if you are a leaf peeper, someone who drives around simply looking at the leaves and taking pictures, then this is the perfect time to go.

Go Panthers!



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