Deerfield Fair – Deerfield NH

Two weekend ago Little Miss and I attended the Deerfield Fair with some family. Here are some shots that I took:

This is really my cousins backyard the morning I woke up for the Fair and I thought it was eery and beautiful. You can’t tell, but this is really acres and acres of open grass.
A nosey little goat.
Goat 0237 and I really bonded.
The first pink tractor that I have ever seen, and not that I know how to drive one or have any need for it, I slightly want it.
A very large bull sleeping peacefully on his fence.
Little Miss and her second cousin watching a cow show.
A very large pig sleeping.
His floppy ear was too big for me to get a shot of his chubby face.
The fair always draws very interesting characters, I might not make an appearance every year, but I’m glad that I brought her up to experience a bit of the farm life.

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